Design Consult

$250 USD


  • Questionnaire
  • Schedule your consult online
  • 2 Hour In home consult
  • Welcome Letter

Follow these Simple Steps for your Consultation:

  1.  Purchase this package.
  2.  Schedule your Consultation online.
  3.  Gather a your Inspiration Images. (No worries if you don't have any, we have lot's of ideas)
  4.  Have a chat with the family about investment/budget for project.

*A Discovery Call is recommended before any purchased package appointment.

What to expect in your consult:

  • 1.5 hour Consult in your home.

  • You ask us questions on your design bucket list.

  • Discussion of design ideas, lifestyle, tastes and solutions.

  • Ideas and how to excute.

  • Other package options review.

  • Follow up list of topics discussed.